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Our agency focuses on providing you with the best maids from Indonesia, Myanmar and Mizoram to help with your domestic needs. 

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Who We Are

Your Trusted Maid Agency

Established in 2006, Hayy Resources is a licensed Employment Agency with the Ministry of Manpower. We are accredited by the Indonesian Embassy, specialising in deployment of Indonesian domestic maids only to local families. Our EA Personnel has more than 17 years of experience.

We focus on understanding and knowing both the employers’ requirements and domestic helpers’ skills in order to achieve good working relationship and higher deployment success rate. 

We are proud to have satisfied customers and domestic helpers.

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Years Of Experience


What Our Clients Say

Over the years we have compiled reviews and feedback from employers regarding our services. This is what they have to say about us on Google.

Based on 75 reviews
Hairiah Maira
Hairiah Maira
22 November 2023
Zureen is very helpful in assisting with the hiring of helper. There was a mishap in the first choice however Zureen was able to quickly gave a service recovery. Thank you Zureen for the efficiency.
Happy 123
Happy 123
22 November 2023
I have a very pleasant experience with the staff of Hayymaids in Yishun. They really assisted when I needed help with a new helper. They were very patient and helpful and enabled me to understand my responsibility as an employer. I am very happy for the transparency, efficiency and fast arrival! Thanks Hayymaids!
Mohamed Shahrom
Mohamed Shahrom
21 November 2023
We took a maid from this maid agency Hayymaids located in Chong Pang. Mr Azman and all the staff were helpful and efficient. The most thing I like, their quick response to our need when we encounter issues with our maid. The most important is also on clear fee structure with no hidden cost. Fast arrival and best service. Highly recommend maid agency!
Fizah Morriza
Fizah Morriza
21 November 2023
We would like to thanks Mr Azman for his assistance for getting us a good maid. He is very experience and very clear on everything. Also keep us updated on the process. We will surely recommend this maid agency located in Yishun to our friends and family. Thanks again Hayymaids.
betty leong
betty leong
21 November 2023
I have been with Hayy Resources located in Yishun for over 10 years now. I am very happy with the level of service from Azman and his experience staff. Very clear structure of all the fees and costing.They are very experienced and capable of matching suitable helper for my family. One of the best maid agency. I highly recommend Hayy Resources!
Muhd Daffaa
Muhd Daffaa
19 November 2023
This is our first time employing a helper. Need a helper for my mum staying in Yishun, took a walk around at Chong Pang. Inquiry a few maid agency there and decided to process with Hayy Resources. Mr Azman explained very clearly on the cost and transparency. The sincerity approach and no hard selling makes us process with Hayy Resources. All the process was very smooth and our maid arrived early than expected. We definitely will recommend anyone to take a maid from Hayymaids. Thank you.
Swan Cheok Neo
Swan Cheok Neo
18 November 2023
Came to maid agency in Yishun. Hayymaids assisted for us our process of the maid. Maid arrive smoothly and all handover and process done smoothly. thanks
Ayu lestari Lestari
Ayu lestari Lestari
14 November 2023
I am very happy that this maid Agency in Yishun found me a very good employer. Thank you Hayy Resources.
Rina Rin
Rina Rin
13 November 2023
Great service & professional.
Liza Nadasalsa
Liza Nadasalsa
11 November 2023
Excellent service rendered by Azman, all questions answered clearly and very transparent with no hidden cost.. Thank you also for the discount given. We need a maid urgently and Hayy Resources help us with our need and bring in the maid less than 2weeks time..Recommended maid agency located in Yishun to approach for helper needs.Thanks again
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Maids Available For Hire

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Direct Hire Maids

We offer direct hire maids suitable for your family needs.

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Transfer Helper

Transfer your helper with us fuss free and smoothly by our team.


Overseas Maids

Our maids from Indonesia, Myanmar and Mizoram are ready to fly in to Singapore.

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Bio Data Available

Request for a bio data of our maids with your own requirements.

Why Us?

Why Choose Hayy Resources ?

Over the years, we have been working closely with reputable training centres and reliable associate partners in Indonesia, where we recruit our helpers. Our recruitment teams always go through intensive recruitment procedures.

We only recruit suitable and reliable domestic workers and work selectively with responsible and reliable Indonesian partners. We always strive to match the most suitable domestic worker to employers based on both expectations, skills set and capabilities.

- Free Replacement of Maids

- Our Own Training Centre

- We personally Interviewed The Maids

12 months installment
Our Services

What We Offer

We provide any and all related matters to your hiring process for a domestic helper.

Elderly Couple Icon

Elderly Care Maids

Dedicated maids specialized in providing assistance and care for elderly individuals, catering to their specific needs with compassion and attention.

Household Helper

Professional maids offering comprehensive support with household chores such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, and other domestic tasks to maintain a tidy and organized home environment.

mother and infant

Infant/Child Care Maids

Trained maids proficient in childcare, capable of nurturing and caring for infants or children, ensuring their safety, comfort, and well-being in the absence of parents or guardians.

helper transfer

Transfer Helper

Assistance in transferring maids from one employer to another, managing paperwork, and facilitating a smooth transition for both parties involved.

renewal of passport

Renewal of Passport

Services offered to aid maids in the renewal process of their passports, guiding them through the required procedures and documentation.

work permit

Renewal of Permit

Assistance provided by the agency in the process of renewing work permits for maids, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and facilitating the necessary paperwork.

medical checkup

Medical Checkup

Arrangement and facilitation of medical examinations for maids as per legal requirements or employer requests, ensuring their health and well-being.

counselling with maids

Counselling Service

Provision of counseling support for maids dealing with personal or work-related challenges, offering guidance, and emotional support when needed.



Assistance in arranging transportation for maids, ensuring safe and reliable commuting from the airport to you.

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Our Blog

Latest Blog & Articles

Visit our website regularly to stay in touch with updates from us. Our blogs and articles are coming soon…..

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